Luigi E. Perotti, Ph.D.

Luigi E. Perotti, Ph.D.
 Postdoctoral Scholar
 Office: Uberroth Bldg., Suite 1417

Research Interests: Combine computational mechanics and MR imaging to characterize the passive myocardium response; Understand the kinematics of the myocardium during the cardiac cycle.

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Background: I received my M.S. and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology. My graduate studies focused on developing new finite element methods for thin structures and on solving high-rate fluid-solid interaction problems. As a postdoctoral scholar at UCLA, I applied to biology the continuum and computational mechanics tools I learned during my Ph.D.
In my research I develop models both to study the physics of viruses and their assembly, and to understand the electrophysiology and mechanics of the heart. In studying the mechanics of the heart, I developed a strong interest in interpreting MRI data using a continuum mechanics approach. This combination may offer a unique quantitative understanding of the kinematics and mechanics of the heart in normal and disease conditions.

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