What we do
We are fascinated by the foundations of human brain diversity. Our lab uses villages of human stem cell-derived neural cells to investigate the genetic and molecular origins of phenotypic heterogeneity. We have a particular interest in neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders like autism, intellectual disability, and schizophrenia.

For a more comprehensive explanation and information on our ongoing projects, visit our research page here.
What we believe
While our priorities grow and change as our lab does, we have identified a set of core, unwavering values. They are as follows:
  • Active commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts
  • People-first approach to collaboration & mentorship
  • Empathy-driven science advocacy & outreach
Read our mission statement here.
What's new
September 2023: The Wells lab has welcomed our first postdoctoral scholar, Yashika Kamte!
June 2023: Welcome to our newest graduate student, Ana Rodriguez Vega!
February 2023 The cell villages paper was published in Cell Stem Cell
June 2022: Graduate students Rachel Fox and Laila Sathe have joined us as our newest lab members. Welcome!

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