Our current team

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Principal Investigator

Michael F. Wells, PhD (he/him/his)




(2008-2015) Ph.D. in Neurobiology
Duke University, Laboratory of Dr. Guoping Feng   
(2004 – 2008) B.S. in Biological Sciences
University of Notre Dame


Highlighted Research Experience

(2015-2021) K99/R00 Postdoctoral Fellow
Harvard University & The Broad Institute
Laboratory of Dr. Kevin Eggan


Key Publications

Wells MF*, Wimmer R*, Schmitt I, Feng G, Halassa M. “Thalamic reticular defects underlie ADHD-like behaviors in Ptchd1Y/- mice.” Nature 532: 58–63, 2016 April 7.
Wells MF*, Salick MR*, Wiskow O, Ho D, Worringer K, Ihry R, Kommineni S, Bilican B, Klim JR, Kane LT, Kaykas A, and Eggan K. “Genetic ablation of AXL does not protect human neural progenitor cells and cerebral organoids from Zika virus infection.” Cell Stem Cell 19 (6): 703-708, 2016 December 1.
Wells MF, Salick MR, Piccioni F, Hill EJ, Mitchell JM, Worringer K, Raymond J, Kommineni S, Chan K, Ho D, Peterson B, Siekmann M, Pietilainen O, Nehme R, Kaykas A, Eggan K. “Genome-wide screens in accelerated human stem cell-derived neural progenitor cells identify Zika virus host factors and drivers of proliferation.” bioRxiv, 2018 November 22.
Wells MF*, Nemesh J*,  Ghosh S*, Mitchell JM*, Mello C, Meyer D, Raghunathan K, Tegtmeyer M, Hawes D, Neumann A, Worringer K, Raymond J, Kommineni S, Chan K, Ho D, Peterson B, Piccioni F, Nehme R, Eggan K, McCarroll S. “Natural variation in gene expression and Zika virus susceptibility revealed by villages of neural progenitor cells.” bioRxiv, 2021 November 9.


Research Interests

Neurodevelopment, genetic diversity, human stem cell models of disease.


Personal Interests

Outside of lab, you can find me exploring this amazing city and its amazing weather and its amazing hiking trails and its amazing beaches and its amazing food and its amazing comedy scene and its amazing concert venues with my amazing wife Cailin.