C57BL/6 mice for NIA-funded grants  UPDATE
    Effective March 1, 2022
    The temporary limit of 10 C57BL/6 mice per month for NIA-funded grants is lifted.
    NIA Grant Monthly allotments will now return to 20 per month.

Please place your NIA order(s) in the NEW Cayuse System by noon Fridays.   You may NOT order directly from the NIA.  NIA orders must be placed by Tensie before 9:00 a.m. Daylight Time on Tuesdays. Instructions below. The NIA is using a new system. I need the following information to enter your order with them correctly.

Grant number: needs to be formatted like this:  9-A99-AA-999999-99?A9A9.

Full Grant Title; Grant start date; Grant expiration date; 
Principle Investigator(s) first & last names & email address(es).
Also tell me which strains are allowed by your grant: 
F344XBN F1 (F344BN)
C57BL/6 (CR)
FISCHER 344 (F344)
C57BL/6 (AL)
The grant MUST include the strain you are ordering.

Eligibility criteria effective 1/18/2014
There is a limit to the number of animals that can be requested to arrive each month(the eligibility limit is based on the delivery date):

  1. NIA grantees are limited to a total of 20 animals delivered per month per NIA grant.
  2. All non-NIA grantees that directly point to Age Related animals are limited to a total of 10 animals delivered every other monthper grant.
    Be sure your grant includes aged animals. 
    1.  The NIA recently discovered that a large number of orders for animals from the NIA aged rodent colny are inconsistent with the experimental plans outlined in the grant used. They are carefully reviewing each grant.
  3. The caloric restricted colony is restricted to NIA grantees with specific aims requiring CR mice. Food is only provided for CR (and AL control) animals purchased from the NIA caloric restricted colony or for NIA-funded grants that include specific aims requiring caloric restriction of rodents. The NIA does not provide food for animals purchased from the aging colonies outside of the above stated criteria.
  4. You can only order 30 days in advance of the requested delivery date.
  5. All orders are counted by the delivery date, not the order date.

The NIA cannot approve requests for exceptions for C57BL/6 or CB6F1 for the foreseeable future, but they can consider requests for exception for BALB/c mice.  

Notice: Eligibility limit

Due to the extreme demands on the NIA rodent colonies, the eligibility limit for non-NIA funded grants has been reduced to 10 animals every other month, effective September 1, 2016. We regret the impact this will have on research on aging funded by other sources, but it is imperative that this resource, essential to many NIA grants, be protected.