DLAM Quality Assurance

DLAM Quality Assurance Mission Statement

The DLAM Chief Quality Officer provides consultation and oversight to ensure all Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine (DLAM) programs and areas of operation are in compliance and capable of withstanding regulatory review. Areas of focus include:

  • State and Federal regulations and guidelines
  • University policy
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) -  writing, and editing SOPs, and verification of compliance with the SOPs.
  • Training programs
  • Data collection methods
  • Certification of  equipment
  • Environmental surveillance including programs for assessing cage washer and autoclave  efficacy, and the testing of potable water
  • Safety, including OSHA and Cal-OSHA compliance, Injury and Illness Prevention Program, job and task safety analysis, accident investigation
  • Occupational Health requirements
  • Bio-Containment requirements and procedures
  • Emergency Response Plan

The DLAM Chief Quality Officer also participates on the UCLA School of Medicine Safety Committee and the UCLA Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).

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