Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine

Technical Operations

DLAM Technical Operations Mission:
To establish and maintain the necessary infrastructure, staff and services to support UCLA’s animal-based research program. Our operation provides and promotes the highest standards of animal welfare and customer service within the confines of applicable animal laws and regulations.

DLAM Operations Functional Area Contacts
Title Phone Fax Number P.I. Email
DLAM Pharmacy 310-794-6581 310-825-6119 dlampharmacy@mednet.ucla.edu
DLAM Breeding Colony Management 310-983-3564 310-825-6119 dlambcs@mednet.ucla.edu
DLAM Security Office N/A 310-825-6119 dlamsecurity@mednet.ucla.edu
Director of Operations 310-825-4080 310-825-6119 mdang@mednet.ucla.edu
DLAM Internal Animal Transfers N/A 310-825-6119 dlamxfrs@mednet.ucla.edu
DLAM Export Services 310-825-5540 310-825-6119 dlamexports@mednet.ucla.edu
DLAM Operations Office Manager 310-825-5540 310-825-6119 kfraser@mednet.ucla.edu
DLAM Receiving Office 310-825-6855 310-825-6119 dlamreceiving@mednet.ucla.edu