All MMRRC & RRRC orders must be placed in the DLAM Procurement Portal 3-4 weeks prior to requested deliver date.
Email Tensie the strain code/nomenclature you are interested in, if it is not listed in the strain list.
ALL Questions and concerns can be directed to Tensie Palmer at

Order Requirements:  NIH Grant # and Title.

Non-NIH Grant funding agency NAME.

Genotype for each strain & gender requested.

NOTE: ALL MMRRC & RRRC orders require you file a COU through the UCLA MTA Office for each order. Orders are not available the very next week.  Often take several weeks to arrive, depending on the COU process time and strain availability.

A COU/MTA is required for every order.   Send the UCLA TDG office the email I will forward to you and they will process it.