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To lead UCLA's animal care and use program, which facilitates research discovery by promoting animal health, animal welfare and regulatory compliance with consideration for resource efficiency.


To improve the lives of research animals, create an environment more conducive for research, and enhance the job satisfaction of our DLAM team.

Frequently Requested Forms

Animal Import Request (VPN Required  for Off-Campus Access)
Internal Transfer Requests (VPN Required  for Off-Campus Access)


Animal Export Request(VPN Required  for Off-Campus Access)
Animal Release Requests (VPN Required  for Off-Campus Access)

Useful Links

RATS Portal Home Page

Link to RATS Portal Home page

DLAM Breeding Colony Management Portal 

DLAM BCS Log-In (Transnetyx)

DLAM Online Training Site

Online Training Modules for Approved Lab Staff

eSirius Vet Care Animal Health Cases

Web based application which allows PI and authorized Lab Staff to manage Research Animal Health Cases.


DLAM Technical Services

DLAM Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Supply Request Form

Diagnostic Lab Services

DLAM Diagnostic Lab and Pathology Services

DLAM ART Lab Requests

DLAM Assisted Reproduction Technology Services

DLAM Technical Services Center

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DLAM Sentinel Newsletter Archive

Issue # - Date
Issue 1 - 01-11-2019
Issue 2 - 07-15-2019
Issue 3 - 11-14-2019
Issue 1 - 05-10-2021
Issue 2 - 12-13-2021