DG210- DLAM Guideline Animal Carcass Handling

Animal Carcasses are bagged and kept in designated temporary holding refrigerators within each vivarium for 72 hours to allow researchers to retrieve as needed.

Temporary holding refrigerator locations include:

Bio-containment Vivaria: Non-Biocontainment Vivaria:
refrigerator location

Carcasses are transported from temporary holding locations to UCLA’s central carcass storage located in CHS 1st floor:

  • Biohazardous carcasses freezer is located in 1V-150 – Serviced by Stericycle- Must be carcasses transported in leak-proof container labeled with a “PATH” sticker
  • Non-Biohazardous carcasses walk-in cold room 1V-150B – Serviced by D&D


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