DG360- Necropsy Room Use Guidelines

These guidelines are for personnel who have reserved the use of the necropsy room facilities this includes short procedures


Necropsy Room Usage fee: $53.00

This is a flat rate and will be charged to your lab’s recharge ID for the usage of the Necropsy room, no matter the duration of time.

What is included?

  • Instruments
    • Do Not remove instruments from the Necropsy Room
    • Additional fees for Damaged, Missing, or Cleaning of Instruments may apply
  • CO2 and Euthanasia Chamber

Other items available:

Other items available for use include- Formalin, plastic containers, blue pads, etc... (additional fess apply)
  • Additional Clean fee may apply for work area not cleaned after use

Personnel and General Requirements:
  • All present lab members in the Necropsy room MUST be on an approved animal use protocol.
  • The maximum number of occupants allowed is (5) usersfor safety and fire code regulations.
  • Please follow Lab Fundamentals – NO eating, drinking, open-toed shoes, shorts, sandals, etc.
  • Please clean any instruments used as well as clean up your workspace prior to leaving the room. This is a shared space.
  • Carcasses must be bagged and taken to appropriate animal disposal area.
    • biohazard tag Red Biohazard bags are available if needed
  • Please bag your dirty cages and return them to the appropriate cage wash area.



Personnel Protective Equipment -(PPE):
REQUIRED PPE includes: Lab coat (or disposable gown) and gloves which is available in the storage bin outside the Necropsy room entrance.
If you or any of your lab members have allergies, a bouffant cap, mask and shoe covers may be donned.



The Necropsy room is considered a “Red Room”. Animals transferred to this room are to be used for terminal procedures ONLY.
No live animals can be transferred out of this room.