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Dr. Hays recognized as a 2017 best article of the year finalist for the Journal of Patient Reported Outcomes. ISOQOL meeting, Dublin, Ireland. October 27, 2018.

Hays, R. D., Schalet, B. D., Spritzer, K. L., & Cella, D. (2017). Two-item PROMIS® global physical and mental health scales. Journal of Patient-Reported Outcomes, 1(2). doi:



Dr. Hays (far right in picture) acknowledged with others at the ISOQOL meeting in Dublin, Ireland, with honorary member status due to extraordinary contributions to the society, October 24, 2018.



Ron receives Martin's wisdom..

Inaugural Martin F. Shapiro HSR Symposium, February 24 2017, Luxe Hotel, Brentwood.
(left to right: Paul Cleary, Rich Kravitz, Ron Hays)





Dr. Loretta Jones, founder and chief executive, Healthy African American Families.
Loretta shares her wisdom with Ron.






Ron Hays at a "Day of Research Talks"
UCLA Department of Medicine Annual Health Services Research Symposium: 
A Day of Research Talks Focusing on Healthcare Reform and Primary Care - Sep 28, 2018





In memorium - Eve Fielder, Ph.D. 
A few words from Ron Hays: UCLA Faculty Center - November 20, 2008