May 30, 2023 July 4th, 2023 - NO Deliveries that week July 4th, 2023 - NO Deliveries that week. There will be no Approved Vendor deliveries from 07/03-09/2023. Plan ahead if you need animals that week. Ordering early is always a great option. If you have questions, contact Tensie Palmer at
May 30, 2023 The Order DEADLINE is Tuesday, June 6, 2023 at 4:00 PM to arrive on Tuesday June 13, 2023 or later. The Order DEADLINE is Tuesday, June 6, 2023 at 4:00 PM to arrive on Tuesday June 13, 2023 or later. NO LATE ORDERS! Deadline is Tuesday even if Monday is a holiday.
May 26, 2023 NIA ORDERS MUST BE PLACED IN THE PROCUREMENT PORTAL - DEADLINE Friday, 06/02/2023 NOON to arrive 06/13/2023. Please place your NIA order(s) in the NEW Cayuse System by noon Fridays. You may NOT order directly from the NIA. NIA orders must be placed by Tensie before 9:00 a.m. on Tuesdays. IF your Grant has renewed, please send the details to Tensie in a separate email. Instructions below.
May 01, 2023 USDA Species Order DEADLINE is Tuesday, 2-3 weeks PRIOR to delivery request. Date NOT guaranteed. The order deadline for all USDA covered species is a minimum of 2 weeks before delivery. One line item per order.
May 23, 2022 Taconic Orders - Submit 2 weeks in Advance Taconic Order Deadlines are now 2 weeks prior to requested delivery date. Due to Taconic's new software program, they are unable to process and confirm orders within the normal 2 days.
May 19, 2022 MEMORIAL DAY DELIVERY SCHEDULE CHANGES Jackson Laboratory will deliver on Wednesday, May 31st, 2023 due to the Memorial Day holiday.
June 22, 2021 NEW Procurement URL: NEW Procurement URL: Use this only
January 22, 2021 MMRRC & RRRC Are APPROVED VENDORS All MMRRC & RRRC orders must be placed in the DLAM Procurement Portal 3-4 weeks prior to requested deliver date. Email Tensie the strain code/nomenclature you are interested in, if it is not listed in the strain list. ALL Questions and concerns can be directed to Tensie Palmer at ORDER REQUIREMENTS: NIH Grant # and Title. Non-NIH Grant funding agency NAME. Genotype for each species requested. NOTE: ALL MMRRC & RRRC orders require you file a COU through the UCLA MTA Office for each order. Orders are not available the very next week. Often take several weeks to arrive, depending on the COU process time and strain availability. A COU/MTA is required for EVERY order. Send the UCLA TDG office the email I will forward to you and they will process it.
March 02, 2020 eSirius3G DRAFT Orders - Will be Deleted DRAFT Orders in eS3G that are over 45 days old will be deleted by the Procurement Office.
November 06, 2019 eSirius 3G Instructions & Training Link 1. Every PI must have a new eSirius 3G Log in group. 2. Please place your orders EARLY... like Thursday, Friday, or Monday before the Tuesday deadline. You will need time to figure out your new workflow. 3. If you are ordering from a small vendor, please give alternate instructions in the "Notes to Animal Technicians" box. (i.e. change vendors or will wait for the mice to be available, etc.) 4. Remember - you need to highlight each item before you can edit it. 5. Save, Save, Submit. If you do not Submit your order, it will not be processed. 6. Check your DRAFT Orders tab often. Each time you begin an order, a Draft is created. You can either pickup where you left off, or delete it. Keep this section CLEAN. We have a training site for you to use.